Maestro (Full Length Version)

Full length documentary version of Maestro

One of the definitive accounts by those involved with the New York Disco Era that laid the foundations to what was to become so many different things to so many different people over the subsequent years in dance music thereafter.

This documentary is special not just on a musical note but also as you watch and listen to those that were involved a true sense of passion that lives on in peoples hearts becomes clear more or less right from the outset of the film.

Years on, the contributers to this documentary that have survived speak with not just reverence about this moment in time but also with absolute joy that will clearly stay with them for ever more.

Some may say the reason for name checking such a relevant account serves only as a misty eyed reminder to a bygone era long surpassed by money, ego and commercialization, however for others no doubt the true meaning of dance music culture starts in the clubs and lofts of NYC back in the day when to quote one of the people interviewed in the documentary regarding a comment made by Larry Levan "everybody sweats from the same places".

Enjoy the movie.

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