Paradise Garage 2nd Anniversary Tapes On The BBC 18th-23rd July

All shows including the 5 hrs Paradise Garage 2nd Anniversary tape downloadable here

Tune in here between the 18th and 23rd of July on BBC Radio 6 at midnight (excuse the pun) for six one hour radio shows

Show One
Legends Of The Dancefloor "A Piece Of Paradise" - Reflections from New York City's highest table. Interviews with Michael Linder, Vince Aletti, Nicky Siano, Judy Weinstein and Tom Moulton.

Interviews with Michael Linder, Vince Aletti, Nicky Siano Judy Weinstein, and Tom Moulton. Five voices from the mount who saw the beginning from the floor up, created change and rode with the wave through the disco daze past the Millennium.

Show Two
Legends Of The Dancefloor - A Piece Of Paradise - Two Towers, Levan & Crocker own NYC. Nine interviews from the movers and shakers of Manhattan during those halcyon days from the 70's through to today.

Show Three
Legends Of The Dancefloor - A Piece Of Paradise - 57th Heaven - Larry Levan's Birthday. - Larry Levan's Birthday. Interviews with DJ Victor Rosado, singer Taana Gardner and DJ David Depino. Three people who worked with Larry Levan closely.

Larry would have been 57 years old today had he not succumbed to heart failure due to his narcotic addiction. One of his career highlights in his short 38 years was his remix of Gwen Guthrie's song "Seventh Heaven" for Island Records. Tonight we are given a close perspective of Larry from two of his co-DJ's and the artist who's record Levan remixed to success.

Show Four
Legends of The Dancefloor - A Piece Of Paradise 3500 miles from Paradise. The English adMinistered Paul Oakenfold, DJ's Harvey, Heidi and Justin Berkman all inspired by Larry Levan

Show Five
Legends of The Dancefloor - A Piece Of Paradise - The Weekend - Thank Larry Its Friday. Four interviews from people close to Larry Levan including Manny Lehmann, Michael Debenedictus, Rochelle Flemming and Bobby Viteritti.

Show Six
Highlights from the second Birthday of Paradise Garage which has been described as the prototype of the modern dance club closed in September 1987 and was the base for the legendary DJ Larry Levan. The club was founded by Michael Brody and located on King Street in the Hudson Square area of New York.

It ran from 1977 to 1987 and derives from its origins as a parking garage. Some of the people who performed at Paradise Garage include Dan Hartman, Divine, Gloria Gaynor, Jocelyn Brown and Grace Jones.

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