Richie Phoe - Thriller


Really pleased to give our mate Richie Phoe "Ya Don't Know" some coverage on what is usually a more disco and house orientated thing we do on the blog

See, Richie is commonly referred to as Brighton's answer to Lee Scratch Perry, so with this in mind you should guess we're going down a different path with this new one from Mr P

I'm a real fan of The Revenge rework of this MJ classic and thought that I'd never except anything less in regards of any reworks on it. However Richie has come up with a tasty version that for me has some potential cross over appeal especially as we head on towards the witching season

I'm not going to throw any "industry speak" at the track that Richie has delivered as a) there's already shed loads of props circulating on line and b) I know very little about the production techniques associated and probably even less regarding the genre Richie produces within, however this is a great rework and fingers crossed will see our friend introduced to wider attention

Here's the soundcloud shiz