Dirty Old 1970’s New York City

Dirty Old 1970’s New York City

I’ve been following this page on facebook for what must be about 12 months now with a healthy degree of interest and curiosity

My association with NYC is purely musical at this stage in my life and sadly not physical having not visited, however much of what I reference or trace back musically comes directly from The Big Apple and has done so for over 30 years since I initially came into contact with Hip Hop and BBoy culture as a teenager here in The UK

Having been raised on names such as Fab 5 Freddy, Double Trouble, Rocksteady, The Roxy, Cold Crush ect ect it’s been fulfilling to begin to see images associated with 1970’s New York  that have come from source material that lives outside of my direct musical references

Having followed Dirty Old 1970’s NYC and enjoyed receiving regular pictorial updates through their facebook page, I’ve started creating a visual picture in my mind of what the city looked and felt like at the time when the early Hip Hop scene was building and also when the whole 70’s underground disco scene would have been gathering steam 

This non musical picture lends itself well to the thousands of images and stories I’ve researched that are directly linked to the musical developments of that time and for me at least has created a fuller understanding and appreciation of that era that I would love to share with you the readers of this blog

If like me you entered into things pre acid house here in this country or afterwards but have an interest in the city’s musical past then this group is an excellent place to start getting a wider feel for the time and space where it all began as far as modern day black dance music culture is concerned