New For 2014

New House Of Go Bang project for 2014
Fusing counter-culture cinematic reworks and music

We're currently being busy setting up a brand new project based on our combined loves of cinema and music that we see as a natural progression off the back of our last 2 years at The Greendoor Store in Brighton

For us, we have always believed the success of The Greendoor Store is a combination of music, venue, crowd and visuals. With this in mind we're shaping up most of what we've enjoyed and gearing this directly at our new project for next year Take A Look

Having featured visuals alongside our music from the off it was an easy decision to pull our collective resources together as part of our installation work that will now begin to marry everything up on a more cohesive level

Matt our VJ who has also exhibited in his own right as a film maker and visual artist will now be working a lot closer with us when we play music plus all of us will begin to have a stronger collective input into the visual element we're delivering

Here's a couple of short films we've already used at Latitude and a few other parties just to set the scene early on

  Visuals Demo 2 - 'I Am Cuba' from Matt Page on Vimeo.

Visuals Demo 1 - Kenneth Anger from Matt Page on Vimeo.