The Easter Sunday All Dayer In Brighton 2013

3PM - 3AM


Jeff Daniels - Principal Records
Richie Phoe
Will Sumsuch - Urban Torque
Tim Rivers - Kalidasa
Rob Fahey - Alphabet City
Senor Mick - Mula / Bend Over I'll Drive
1Dan - A.E.R / Batti Batti
Steve KIW - Keeping It Wheel
Ye Ye Fever - The Greendoor Store
10 David - The Globe
Affy and Ali - Go Bang / Greendoor Store

Playing the broadest selection of all dayer music in Brighton including -

Disco (Loft, Paradise Garage and Nu) African Hi Life, Deep House (new and traditional styles) Cosmic, Boogie, Funk, Soul, Rare Groove, Electro-Funk, Rhythm and Blues, House, Afro, Latin, Techno and more on both vinyl and non vinyl format for those that care about such things

After several years absence, Brighton can once again look forward to another promising street level all dayer down the boozer in the form of The Globe's eclectic 12 hour session taking place on Easter Sunday this year (Sunday 31st March) from 3pm till 3am over both floors of the venue

This is the very first all dayer that the venue has staged since venue manager and event curator Carly Fitzpatrick resided over The Sidewinder in Kemptown where there were some memorable all day Sunday parties before the venue ran into trouble with the singular local resident that objected to all the fun and festivities

Not deterred and having situated herself across the city at The Globe Carly has maintained a strong music policy with her booking formula that attracts a very much more relaxed yet musically on point crowd either into the upstairs bar or downstairs basement every week

Not only specializing in groove based electronic music The Globe now incorporates soul, funk, rare groove and African sounds into it's rich playlist over a weekend which will be on show throughout the 31st of March alongside all the disco and house at this first all day event in Brighton just off the seafront

For me there's something special about a Brighton all dayer that gives these occasions a slight edge when it comes to focusing on the end result of what comes out the other end

Its all about the party vibe in a relaxed setting that builds up nicely throughout the day until you get to that special moment when you have a full on party on your hands exploding in front of your very eyes as you forget what the venue looked like a couple hours previously

No doubt there will be a plethora of other gatherings happening across the city over Easter Sunday however looking at what Carly has assembled it looks like The Globe  is definitely going for the "collective and dare I say it family" approach with the dj line up plus it's great to see that there are some very worthy inclusions with djs from outside the groove based scene adding a special something into the musical mix that's very reminiscent of Brighton all dayers of old

Finally, as always The Globe will operate a door policy for this event however as the day is a freebie everything is very relaxed and laid back on the day with additional sound systems installed and decor as per standard sorted out for the occasion just to give the whole day a little fizz

Looking forward to hanging out in true Brighton all dayer style once again with everyone and getting to play some music with some old friends and familiar faces from Brighton's street level scene