Straight Off The Floors Recommendation - February 2013 - Den Ishu - High You Gonna Feel

Some quality deep biz with a nod to the classic "Chicago". Nicely drawn out and reliant on the groove that sets the tone nicely on this quality piece of "heads down" gear for the floors. Overall this has the feel of a classic late night bump with subtlety written over it that should provide a memorable night for those going the distance on the floor with the dj

Here's what the industry has to say

When used subtly there'll always be a place in the discerning DJ's set for a little bit of filter disco. "High You Gonna Feel" is a good example of a track that puts a slightly different spin on this very effective, but often maligned production style. In its original form, a mid-paced chugging beat blends the eponymous invocation with a filtered high-end. Avatism's remix flips the script entirely and layers a stark piano with handclaps over prime elements of the original, which are so deep in the mix that they are rendered almost irrelevant. "Your Experience" soars on synthetic wings fragmenting with the introduction of the spoken word that dominates its mid point, before regaining momentum. "Say The Word" is perhaps the least interesting offering on this release, its groove lacking in variety and bordering on tropical cheese.