Tough Love - The Night Is Calling

Early pickings to be had in 2013 with this one coming in high on the interest scale

OK to be perfectly honest this Tough Love release was at the very end of 2012 but I think I can just about squeeze it in for the start of this year as it's that good

My immediate thoughts when listening were that The Night Is Calling fits in nicely with the whole 2 step / bass music / house style that's really shaking things up now and when checking out the Lee M Kellshall 1999 Remix you can hear why

Deep basslines, skip beats and rave signals abound with restrained vocal keeping things nicely rounded and strong on interest levels

The second remix by Tom Budden should keep the more refined members of rave appreciation society happy again, however this mix is a more drawn out and spacier affair with more use of the vocals that this time swirl nicely whilst complementing the slightly more relaxed and tripped out ride

Both mixes are well worth a punt and should appeal to various floors that either like house, bass music or both not forgetting the original which is a straight up nu disco tickle

The release comes in three parts

- Original
- Lee M Kellshall 1999 Remix
- Tom Budden Remix

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