Can't Work Out Boiler Room TV

Do I like it, hate it of love it ?

I still can't make my mind up so I'm going to give the concept of BRTV another chance based on this smashing session from Optimo and Move D who have saved the day for me

Still convinced that the whole BRTV thing is just one step closer to not having to go out anymore to experience the spirit of the dance floor but hey, in for a penny in for a pound

The guys came up trumps with this one so I'll forgive all those recent experiences watching disengaged dancers on my laptop and hold on just a little longer to see if I can except the fact that not all good music experiences happen in front of a sound system in the company of others

Enjoy the mix and also from what I've seen recently on BRTV a more energetic crowd of revellers getting their swerve on to some top grade house music on the small screen

Oh and on the subject of music, this has a great soundtrack which nicely cuts up the old and the new