Darren Murphy

There are many djs in Brighton that stay safely tucked away from all the cut and thrust of gigging but somehow manage to keep their hand in for longer than most

Darren Murphy is one such dj that has been part of our local scene for over 20 years and one dj that perfectly fits the old skool model of a djs dj

Darren's history started in the early days of acid house and had an integral part in the development of the Brighton club and party scene

He ran the Inner Rhythm record stores in the early 90's and has had a DJ career that has put him along side DJ's from all walks of the underground

He has promoted, produced and pleasured many a dancefloor and if you have ever heard him play you will know about his technical abilities as a DJ

Now, you will find him spinning effortlessly between Disco, Boogie, Techno and House, both new and old

Back in the summer Darren invited us to play at his "On The Beach Party" down on Brighton seafront where we got the chance to play alongside him for a big part of the night after our set. Knowing how and what Darren plays makes him the obvious choice to have at our last warehouse party this year in Brighton

Catch Darren make his debut at The House Of Go Bang on Saturday 22nd December at The Greendoor Store