The Dance Floor Moments Of 2012 (Straight Off The Floors Contenders)

Well it's nearly the end of another eventful year on the dance floors with some wonderful music keeping me on my toes right up to the wire

There can't be any denying that house music found a new audience this year amongst a newer and fresher faced crowd whilst at the same time eyes closed on the whole edit scene thing down on our manor with a huge bang !

I've probably purchased more music in 2012 than in any other time of my life as I've searched out anything and everything suitable to play to the variety of dance floors and music enthusiasts I've shared this year with from the booths with Affy

Earlier in the year I struck on the idea of reviving something from my past that for people of a certain age was a regular fixture within the support of dance music, namely the DJ review or feedback service

This process was a method that producers and fans of dance music used to gauge the impact of new music on the dance floors up until around the time when the clubbing boom started to take shape and gain momentum in the early to mid 90's. It was also a great way of finding out about new music and it's impact right from the source of the action, namely the dance floor

Having looked around the internet for such a service to see if one existed today on a completely independent basis I sadly found nothing so came up with 

Below are a selection of tracks that I'm contributing to my round up this year with the added bonus of having played them and witnessed their impressive impact on the floors alongside Affy as we took the party vibe to the people this year

For a full review including the venues and settings where the tracks did their damage I'll be setting everything up on SOTFs in a few weeks time  for the very first time, however until then these are this years contenders in compilation format or alternatively take a trip around the clips below

Btw the picture up top was taken from the Harvey party in London with my friends Tim and Shani being the last people to leave the floor on the night .... true straight off the floors business if there ever was

Chamboche - Smoke Screen (KRL Remix)

Dean Sunshine Smith – Auburn Avenue 2012

Odyssey – Weekend (Ashley Beedles Big Apple Uptown Story Mix)

Moon Runner – HouseTrack One (Pete Herbert Version)  

Andy Ash – Get Loose

Robot 84 – I need your love

Bobby Womack – Love Is Gonna Lift You Up (Julio Bashmore Remix

16 Bit Lotias – The Cream

Ripperton – Lets Hope (Bicep Remix)

Monkey Boots EP – Hold Back The Night

Bazar – Hard To Find (Maceo Plex Funk Drop)

Carlos Rubio – Una Familia