Octobers Straight Off The Floors Recommendation - Dean Sunshine Smith - Auburn Avenue 2012

This is a big reworking that's already doing some serious action this month whilst at the same time nicely making it's presence felt at the top of my October SOTFs playlist

I played this (Auburn Avenue 2012) last weekend in Brighton as our room was filling up down at The Globe in the basement. A space Affy and myself haven't used in a while but were very glad to be back in playing some music

After letting the previous track play out in it's entirety this dropped from the start resulting in a somewhat substantial shift from the bar to the the floor. Kind of like a "deep forward" for house and disco heads being the pleasing result to behold

I can honestly say that the night took on a new dimension once this was played, so hats doffed to Mr Smith for supplying what one would refer to as a "party starter" of grade A standards. I'm very much a fan of Dean's work as he always delivers warmth and an abundance of deep groove based goodness into his sound which fits in well with the dance floors I get to play to and the general aesthetic that has developed within our scene. Auburn Avenue 2012 is October's Straight Off The Floors recommended track and will be featuring on the annual round up of all the music released in 2012 that has been most well received on the dance floors this year

Thank you Dean for this great funk reworking that ends a somewhat baron period of searching for the "right tracks" over the last couple of weeks .... the wait was worth it in the end


Back story supplied by Artist

Ive been playing a lot of funk n soul parties lately and diggin' out some of my old fave Funk LP's - this track is a fave off the wonderful 'The Burning of Atlanta' buddah LP by The Spirit of Atlanta, it's a class deep funk tune from a great LP all about the famous and so called 'Richest Negro street in the world' - Auburn Avenue.

Sometimes things just roll and slot into place I guess, as is the case with this track. I literally started this rework this morning and finished it off tonight. I have upped the tempo a fair bit, added drums, percussion etc.. reconstructed the vocals and put in a sweet 90's piano, its very much in the same area as my Angel of Mercy rework and ive turned this funky breaks tune into what I hope, when complete will be a deep disco chugging winner ready for a release later in the year.