Straight Off The Floors - November 2012 Chart

Just about managed to get a chart ready for the floors this month just ahead of November's / December's parties and events both Affy and myself have got penned in

As always there's a mixed bag to choose from which kind of complements our selection process when we're djing

By the way the  image you see on this post to your right is one of the floors that we're supplying music for if you needed to gauge what SOTF's is all about and the impact these selected tunes are having

All fairly below radar stuff but full of people into the sound I think it would be safe to say

I'm coming up to selecting a track from each month of the year that has worked the above floor / dancers but not just in this venue but other similar ones ..... I think I know what's made the final listings so far however choosing the out right winner could prove difficult .... we'll see

Anyway here's November's playlist covering most bases nicely as I approach selecting this years contenders