Yuri Shulgin-Flow

Absolutely adore this slice of authentic deep house goodness that I spied on juno this week as part of my never ending search to find some quality alternatives to the genres recently somewhat disappointing and formulaic output

I know, I should try harder to search out something good but having sampled probably in excess of 100 tracks on the sites player these last few months I just found myself clicking off after about a minutes worth of listening on a worryingly regular basis thus resulting in feeling sadly disappointed and frustrated every time

Not today though as I think I've hit a little bit of deep house gold dust with this jam that came my way that I would like to share on the blog

I don't know that much about Yuri Shuglin who's the producer in question, however "Flow" is ticking all the right boxes for me when it comes to holding both a groove and the attention levels. No slack production or obvious arrangements here, just a drawn out affair for those heads down moments on the floor

"Flow" feels warm and organic yet at the same time possesses a futuristic optimism that aligns itself nicely with the Detroit appreciation of techno music, something I really should also try harder to understand and experience as a dj and dance music fan the older I get

Naturally I'm picking this track out using both my dj listening head and my feel for the dance floor as a keen late night acrobat in front of the speaker boxes. I really can see this one working in the right space and on a decent sound system in front of an open minded floor of dancers looking for something slightly left of center yet structured in a way never to veer off into noodle territory

Some echoed spoken word effects keep the attention levels locked on throughout when combined with the slight techno emphasis and broken beat / jazz angle that prevails. Hopefully some cross over potential across a couple of scenes should be an expected result here, let's hope so

Should see this lovely deep ride do well over the next few months on the floors that like things deep and warm

Pleased to say that I won't be turning my back on the genre just yet thanks to Yuri