Track Of The Month Straight From The Floor Recommendation - May 2012

There's so much great new music out there at the moment be it either associated with the continuums of the "Nu Disco Scene" or maybe the output coming out of the Deep House Camp of late. Garage also seems to be picking up speed with the younger producers coming through now whilst the Edit Scene refuses to lie down. As you can see lots going on and plenty of potential choices to be made as a DJ

Joey Negro Pres Akabu - Ride The Storm (Roberto Rodriguez Calm Before The Storm Remix)

I found this months choice on the recent Joey Negro presents Akubu (The Phuture Remixed) release which features tracks remixed by Joey alongside a host of other players such as Jimpster, Spiritchaser and Shur I Kan

The stand out remix for me is from Roberto Rodriguez that swings in the general direction of a track influenced to a degree by drum patterns reminiscent of those found on Garage releases of old. "Ride The Storm" features an emotive female soulful vocal which runs throughout it's length whilst at the same time never over powering the final result, always a good thing to get right on a remix and also on an original

Tidy key stabs break up the vocal delivery halfway through which nicely keep things from getting too vocal based on this outing. Subtle echo effects on the vocals, strong programming and a general swagger makes this one a fantastic mid set weapon for a dj with a crowd into their deeper gear yet open minded enough to enjoy some vocals at the same time

Please support the music we love and remember that the expressed opinions about all featured tracks are from the perspective on an independent DJ and the reactions seen when the reviewed track is played to a dance floor

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