5 Hr Set Tonight In Brighton

Off out with a tasty selection of tunes to play out this evening in Brighton

In contrast to today's modern standards, I've kept the invites very low key with just a re-tweet on Twitter and a little group email to friends who've either not seen it or have declined the invite

Not a problem as this all feels very circa 2004 when there was no social media to rely on which is the whole point of keeping things on the down low as it were with this very pleasing opportunity to get back into the whole extended music selecting thing

Tonight might be a great night or an ordinary one, either way nothing's been forced on people too much so things could go either way

It'll probably end up with me playing to a group of strangers all night just like it was back when people didn't know that much about this whole groove based malarkey

Promo done (not much) tunes ready, sound system packed

Off into the night on a musical mission by myself ..... a very exciting feeling

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