House Of Go Bang Warehouse Party - Featuring The Big Night Out In June



Our next instalment of warehouse party goodness will be on Saturday 23rd of June in Brighton at The GDS

Big props to Wolf Music's Matt and Stu who kept the floor rocking and (ahem) queues at the door deep on our last outing a while back

Amazing to still see so many people up for this party and supporting the scene in Brighton en mass too, you'll all get Christmas cards from us this year at this rate

For this party coming up we're featuring THE BIG NIGHT OUT which is a combination of  tracks that have worked on the dance floor for us in the warehouse plus Future Classics we'll be road testing on the night for the first time

Alongside the tracks we're playing we're also selecting an array of music from Brighton based producers and record labels that represent our cities current musical landscape as The Groove Based Scene comes of age

The most memorable tracks on the night will filter straight back to this blog with a full review from a dj/dance floor perspective

Kind of makes sense to give some "big ups" on tracks that work things late at night in such a great space that is The GDS

This is a great opportunity for us to support our local music scene whilst ensuring that the producers and labels based in Brighton get their music heard through a decent sound system with local crowd and appreciative dance floor within the warehouse

Future House, NYC Disco, Funk, Acid, Deep House and House Of Go Bang Warehouse Party Classics (just a few) from across the board with a healthy local representation of locally sourced music to aid the festivities is where we're at with this one

Matty Go Bang will be supplying the visual environment as per usual with some Art House Visuals with additional snippets from dance musics long and healthy cultural past

However we won't be reviewing him as he's always ACE !!!

We look forward to seeing you once again whilst dropping some heavy weight tuneage on the night

Go Bang (House Of Go Bang) Crew signing off x

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