Brighton Disco Boozer - The Fortune Of War Takes Shape In 2015

I stumbled on the term "Disco Boozer" a considerable amount of time ago whilst considering what type of venues would appeal to a certain age range and within that the musical persuasions of those that would frequent a location that fell into the description. A key aspect was also what situation I would be most comfortable playing music to people as a DJ and as such clubs weren't doing it for Me in Brighton.

At the time there was the beginning of a very healthy local scene surrounding disco music here on the south coast so the connection to playing disco down the pub to people that came to hear such music seemed to fit nicely as an antidote to the local club scene. Plus the music was fantastic and everyone that was slowly picking up on the vibe all came with a lovely attitude and appreciation towards socializing together which helped create something special.

The clubs certainly weren't onto this musical/social concept so fairly quickly places such as The Sidewinder, The Thomas Kemp, The Fishbowl and The Globe became popular locations where groups of people could dance and hear music not played elsewhere whilst in locations that positively encouraged and promoted socializing as part of the attraction.

Sadly, over the last few years things tailed off with the loss of The Fishbowl and The Globe as "Destination Venues" which left things relatively quiet on this scene regarding smaller venues in Brighton that were once popular places to hang out and party on a low key level with similar people.

I suppose to the uninitiated the term "Disco Boozer" conjures up all kinds of connotations be it either a place where old people hangout listening to 70s Disco Mega Mixes whilst dressed in fake afros and 70s get ups or maybe somewhere you can go and hear a host of Paradise Garage and Loft inspired classics mixed up with Nu Disco, Boogie, Re-Edits and the what not?

The key for Me is actually none of the a fore mentioned and to be honest never has been. The real charm lies within a combination of factors that all must complement each other. Without one then the whole attraction is lost and the term "Disco Boozer" completely loses it's meaning and appeal.

So it's been good to see a venue slowly gain some extra interest over the last few months that combines, the right location in Brighton and a mindful door policy that lends itself to a social occasion whilst being complemented by music that goes beyond disco yet never strays too far away in sound or meaning.

The Fortune Of War looks good to reignite something recently lost and is situated on Brighton Seafront but don't let that put you off.

Located just far enough away from the crowds that go for the more commercial dance music experience The Fortune Of War acts as an oasis just like the places previously mentioned did or still do (The Sidewinder with residents Steve KIW and Jeff Daniels) who are holding things down in Kemptown on a regular basis.

There's a string of nights now on the roster that complement the venue extremely well and things are most definitely looking up for anyone wanting something less frantic or troublesome for a night out.

Having been to a few nights and also having played one recently it feels that the "old magic" is returning in a place that for now can attract all the ingredients that go towards supporting a scene far away from the mainstream which was always what made a night down  "The Brighton Disco Boozer" such a good experience on a variety of levels.

Coming Up At The Fortune Of War
Saturday 14th February 

Proper good fun was had at the last one and we are hoping to repeat the same. The resi's Soft Rocks, Tim Rivers (Kalidasa) and Easy Jim will be on hand to smoother you with musical love. And we have a special guest Jex Opolis flying in from far away lands to provide the erection selection. Here is a little bit about our man..

JEX OPOLIS is a Toronto-based DJ and musician with a long n’ painful musical history.

Since morphing his Good Timin’ club nite ( 2010) into a label in 2013, Jex has released three 12-inch EPs of original tunes, designed for the heart and the feet. Blurring club, Balearic and boogie, the EPs sold out briskly & have garnered airplay from top jocks like Ben UFO, Andrew Weatherall and Gerd Janson. When Jex isn’t in the studio or in the DJ booth, you can find him in a cheap rental car, trolling the streets of Buffalo, Detroit & Cincy in search of lost classics from the dollar bin of America.

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