End Of Night Tunes

Well, it's been a while since the last post on here so it's good to be back

The turn of the year has come and gone and I'm now heading in to 2015 with high hopes of uncovering new music and also some tracks from back in time that have some meaning and still hold up

Of course and without a shadow of doubt, the blog when I started posting back in 2008 was very much focused on spreading the word about disco and boogie alongside the occasional house track. This lead to many things, no more so than the opportunity to dj quite a bit and this is where I'm able to come from with this first written piece for 2015

Tracking my thoughts back over the years whilst remembering some of those special dance floor moments as a dancer from an earlier age, one thing that always struck me as a positive was when the dj would completely "flip the script"

Usually this involved ending their set by playing the last track completely out of keeping with their previous selections

I'm not ashamed to say that once upon a time in a Gay Club in Newcastle I jumped out of my skin when someone played a Spice Girls track at the end of the night

All about the occasion, context and timing over here and less about who's behind the production (well to some degree)

So, with this in mind I've chanced my arm on a couple of occasions over the past 12 months and thankfully I've come out unscathed down the disco so far

I'm probably on borrowed time with all of this but I'm up for it. Guessing how long this is going to last is probably just as much fun as it is deciding on what's going to be played and seeing the reactions

So without delay here are a few tunes that have worked out OK.... More to come over the year on the floors all being well and providing I can still find some of the good stuff that's hiding away

Thinking more Late 80s early 90s Warehouse gear, some good old fashioned Liquid plus what ever comes up that doesn't get played so much from the last 15 years perhaps

Shouts to all the nice and decent folks on the floors keeping their ears and feet open minded 

Mickey Finn - She's Breaking Up 1991

Isotonik - Different Strokes - 1991

Peshay - You've Got Me Burning - 2002

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