Is This The Best House Track From The UK?

I've always had trouble deciding what anything musically I could consider to be my favorite when it comes to single compositions. Like for many music fans the ultimate best of anything is never going to be a single choice as music appreciation I would expect depends on mood and circumstance as much as anything else. But today after years of listening to literally thousands of house tracks that have emanated from this island home of ours the penny finally dropped and I can say without hesitation that TC 1991 - Berry is and will always firmly be my number one where UK house music is concerned

The track is an old one dating back many years but don't get me wrong, I love loads of new material and play as much of it as I can but getting to grips with raw emotions, connection and something deep inside that I could never explain, Berry always hits that spot above anything else

Berry was a very well know track on the house scene at the time but remains relatively underground and to me an off radar example of great British house music in the more common sense. I'm unsure of it's origins but from memory and for some unexplained reason I always link this to the northern aspect of the UK scene. Probably due to residing in the north of the country myself when it came out and also by looking at the references that have been put on Youtube from fans linking back to certain clubs where this was a big hitter

I'm sure opinion is massively divided on what is or how anyone could single a track out as being the best of any genre but I've made my personal choice and I'm going to share it with the world

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