Founding Fathers Documentary

I wanted to put something up on here as we approach the 250K page visits mark that was less about us and more about the culture that we link back to. Without many aspects of dance music's development over the last 50 or so years this blog wouln't of exisited in the first place. With that in mind it only seems appropriate to post about something I was sent today by my friend Jeff Daniels

This wonderful documentary narrated by Chuck D of Public Enemy traces back to the Founding Fathers of Hip Hop and from what I've seen this goes back pre-Hip Hop by a good few years. I won't spoil what lies ahead if you chose to watch this but if you do you are in for a huge treat and maybe some enlightenment along the way as we get a view on dj culture Stateside from the 1960s onwards

Some good crossover links between Disco and Hip Hop which was something I always found a mystery but have now found out about thanks to Jeff's and the makers of Founding Father's help and guidence

Enjoy the history lesson and all the stories being shared

Here's to the 500K visits mark, just hope I can keep on pulling some stuff out of the bag for another 6 years

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