Mackie SRM 350 (Version One) 5 Year Review

Making Parties Happen With Mackie For 5 Years

Happy to announce that after 5 years of regular use our pair of Mackie SRM 350's are as crystal clear as the day they first got plugged in as we now prepare to celebrate half a decade this year with a series of Pop Up Parties across our city

I can't recommend these speakers highly enough after 5 years of constant use, Not once have they blown up or failed on any party (and there's been a few of them)

City center basements, remote barns in the countryside, down the boozer or in a beer garden, these badboys have definitely earned their stripes time and time again 

Back around 2008 having to create something out of nothing was always going to be a challenge when Go Bang first started out

Looking around it was clear that the places where we wanted to play our sound and where it was rightly perceived that people were ready to congregate were fairly far removed from the clubs of Brighton at that time

OK, now it's a totally different landscape yet back then there was a need to have some additional and durable audio equipment that would be easily transportable yet at the same time sound great either outdoors or inside

The SRM 350's have definitely delivered over the years and once joined by an additional bass bin once we figured out the sound could get even better with a slight alteration have proved to be a fantastic investment regarding throwing parties

Sadly the (version one) models which we use are no longer made but there are V2's out there if you want to go down the route we have as a sound system when the need is there

Personally I would look out for V1s and buy 2nd hand but that's just personal preference built up over the years using our pair

Transportation wise you can easily fit the two SRMs and a bass bin into the back of a normal family sized saloon car with plenty of space to spare for turntables / cdjs and a mixer

Looking at performance, each speaker comes in at 195W which doubles up to just under 400w

You may think this is quite small by modern day club /bar installation standards and rightly so as Mackie's of this size don't even touch the surface

However the beauty is we're not talking club /bar systems which means the quality of the speakers in the right environment definitely shines through with crystal clarity 

We've used our pair with or without the bass unit alongside existing in house PA's, as a standalone or as monitors and can happily say that crowd wise anywhere up to around 100 people inside or outdoors is easily handled by the 350 V1s

Thanks Mackie