They're Still Feeling Disco In Brighton

Lots of changes have taken place on the Brighton Groove Based Scene over the last couple of years, one of them being the shift in focus away from disco towards deep house territory which is currently being supported by a healthy cross section of players such as (Contraband, Schtumm / Maxxi Sound System, Disco Deviant and Black Key) alongside stalwarts such as Wolf Music, Sumsuch, On The House, Bittersuite and The Beatworking Crew who are just about to get an upgrade to Haunt

It feels very much like the appreciation for slower and warmer house music which we see now expanding was to some degree supported by the general emphasis of looking back in time for musical enlightenment via all those great disco tracks that were being hammered only short time ago in the city

There's been a really big move from the whole disco\edit approach across to some fantastic electronic 4/4 music which fortunately has breathed some life into what was a fairly niche scene at best within Brighton for a very long time

The current influx of dancers enjoying deep house has probably come from the fact that the newer exponents of the sound have come from a party hosting background where originally disco/edits were present on their dance floors as the more dominant source of music

Also making the jump from nu disco into deep house really isn't such a great shift in gear as both styles are very similar in sound and also crowd dynamic once you take a good look around any dance floor

We've certainly enjoyed including more house music over the years in our dj sets and have really enjoyed seeing how dance floors react to hearing new and older music played side by side

However we're still keen on the original "mirror ball" sound and by the look of the dance floor in this video so are people in 2012

At this present moment in time we're witnessing an evolutionary period on the Groove Based Scene in Brighton which is healthy and to be expected

If we had to close the chapter on the whole disco/edit scene in Brighton it would be safe to say that it most definitely played it's part in opening up ears, minds and feet to music existing outside of the box

Video details:
Track - Teddy Pendergrass "You Can't Hide From Yourself"
Dance Floor - Greendoor Store Warehouse