NOVA Festival (Go Bang Set Times)

We're in The Nova Arms on site from 12-3.30pm Friday

Looks like we're kicking proceedings off for the old Big Chill Crew who are behind this brand new festival aimed at bringing the original spirit back to a somewhat corporate events market

Looking at the site map we'll be in the Stable Courtyard Area at the south west end of the site although I could be wrong, anyway you'll get a map if you're going no doubt

Very much looking forward to playing this one after an amazing weekend where a few of our friends homed in on the festivals Facebook site and suggested that GB would be a good idea this year

Can't thank those enough for getting the ball rolling by mentioning us in such high regard

Full report from The Nova Arms when we get back plus the full story on how we got to play and who was involved with this last minute turn of events

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