New Music Reviews - Track Of The Month (Straight From The Floor)

As there's so much great music around at the moment we're going to be reviewing tracks that have had a definite impact where they should have ..... on the dance floor

Each month we'll be selecting a "stand out track" that when physically dropped proves it's worth above all others

We're calling each post "Straight From The Floor" as that is where the review is generated seeing as we're talking dance floor music here

All chosen tracks will be fully road tested with all reviews being from an independent DJ perspective

Hopefully we'll be able to give you some wonderful music to consider adding to your collection as either a listener or dj

We're concentrating on new music however if the odd edit comes up that ticks the boxes then we'll give it the support it deserves

Looking forward to this project immensely with the view to giving an honest appraisal of tracks from a dj perspective that have proved to be either floor fillers or great accompaniments within any dj set

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