Summer Vibes In Brighton - Taking Things Back To The Outdoors

Haven't really paid the attention deserved to a very important part of what we used to do before the whole disco/groove based thing came out of the bars and beer gardens of Brighton a few years ago

Some of the best parties we enjoyed were the outdoor ones that featured as part of the festival period between 2008-2010 where many of the people that feature in Brighton today as either DJs, producers or club night  hosts got to know each other on the make shift dance floors of our local drinking establishments

What's bought this home was a conversation held last weekend over dinner with Andy Greaves who mentioned that a lot of our friendships and connections came about from those early parties which were invariably afternoon-evening affairs that we managed to get away with

I say get away with as many people will now know that opportunity to hold outdoor gatherings is very limited in Brighton like most cities where there is always a barrier to such cultural enjoyment from opposing residents

Fortunately after talking to someone who's now setting up a location that lends itself perfectly to such occasions we now have the go ahead to do something alfresco style once again this coming summer

Additionally, as the scene has got more congested (thanks for reminding us Steve) it's very pleasing to feel that by revisiting a grass roots idea such as this we can go back to what really counts namely a group of friendly people dancing in the sunshine to various DJs that know what to do

Hopefully if the party develops into a more regular occurrence this summer we can also get a bigger spread of our DJ friends playing throughout the season which also makes these occasions go with a healthy BANG !!!

All news and details available on what's coming up available via emailing

Enjoy your summer

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