Brighton Warehouse Party

Our final one before we get back on it in 2012

We're shipping across our friends C-O-R to join in the pre festive fun with us on Saturday 19th November in Brighton

Email for details on events planned in for 2012 details plus information this years NYE session


  1. Last one this year sadly. Back in 2012. Thank you for coming this year, we had lots of fun and really enjoyed ourselves.

  2. Sunday 20th November 2011

    That was our last warehouse party of the year with The Greendoor Store. The COR Team turned in a great 5 man dj set which has given me a few ideas for 2012.

    Previous guests this year:
    Tim Rivers
    Maxxi Sound System
    Toby Tobias
    Paul Budd
    Andy Greaves
    Celia May and Rowan Brisko
    Steve Ellis
    Soft Rocks

    The sound system last night was set up really well with lots of positive comments on how clear everything sounded. Additionally the bass was immense and at one point we nearly toppled over a mid range cab due to the sheer vibrations from the bins.

    600 people through the door by around 2am with a healthy dance floor still going at 4.05am when we had to turn off the music.

    All in all a great night to finish off the year.

    Looking forward to returning in March 2012.