Possible Return Of Happier Dancefloors - MDMA Warning

A recent news report warning festival goers and club people that there seems to be a new strain of Ecstasy tablet containing wait for it...............MDMA (the chemical ingredient found in the 80's form of the illegal drug) has recently emerged on the BBC News Website

Be careful is the message

The higher strength pills are selling for around £10-15 which may cause immediate health concerns if taken in multiples as apposed to the £3 cheaper ones that contain caffine and stimulants in their chemical make up

Unconfirmed reports from music industry experts (based in Brighton) have suggested that immediate sales of disco and funkier forms of house music are expected to see a sharpe increase in sales over the coming months and that online advertisng for club nights and parties is expected to cease completely by the end of the year as people naturally gravitate to dance floors for fun times

Oh, and Trance music is expected to make sense to anyone over the age of 25

News Report

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