Thank You For A Great Night - Go Bang Warehouse Party April 2011

Just wanted a pass on our gratitude and thanks as always to everyone that made the recent April Warehouse Party in Brighton such a pleasure to put on

Unlike the first warehouse party back in February we started slightly later than usual as we now share the venue with live bands from time to time

We were really grateful however that the venue was turned around in a very short space of time by the stage crew and sound engineer (who was fantastic) and really did go that extra mile to set us up in time

We also moved the decks from being on the dancefloor to up on stage which is ok but a little strange when you see everyone coming into the main room looking at you

For now at least, we'll have to stay on stage as this prevents adhoc dancing in that area where all the amplifiers are located as beer/energetic dancing and electrical equipment don't mix that well by all accounts ;)

One of the obvious changes we're both now seeing in the warehouse is that people are arriving early to avoid any queues on the door, last night being no exception

We were greeted by some familiar friends and faces who had arrived early for a drink which also gave us both the opportunity to play to a busy dance floor from the off once we got started

As party orgainisers and djs this is an absolute dream situation to be in that we can't thank people enough for creating

We're now playing back to back a lot more these days as our confidence grows and by arriving early we get to play to people dancing which can only help us improve our musical delivery and tune selection as a pair

Huge props going out to our secret guests Neal and Sam from Maxxi Sound System who closed the session off nicely with a slightly more house based sound for the final two hours

I think they included a re-edit of The Night Writers - Let The Music Use You  which is now in danger of becoming a late night flashback anthem at the session over the summer months

We used to play frequently with Neal and Sam (also Senor Mick and Johnny from Rounder) outside on the seafront at Life not that long ago, however with the lads now moving things outside of the city we rarely get to see them or hear them play these days which is a shame

However it was a pleasure (if just for one night) to be playing once again with these two who are now well on the way with their recent signing to The Future Boogie DJ Agency from Bristol, expect big things

Big props as always to Matt our VJ who managed a stunning job with the visuals, once again using lots of his own material spliced and manipulated with some familar cultural footage

The visuals have become such an important apect to these parties and we can't thank Matt enough for adding this vital element that really sets the scene in the warehouse every time

Matt's now used Barbarella and Paris Is Burning as the backdrop to his visuals over the last two parties and promises a slightly more trippier visual environment for June's gathering

Musically there were loads of great tunes flying out of the speaker stacks all night from all corners of the groove based spectrum with a slightly more house based vibe this time around which kept the engines running till 4am

We should really be recording these nights now or at least passing on the names of the tunes to people who are asking after them, there will be a short list of what worked on the dancefloor coming soon(ish)

Finally we'll be back in June for another "low key" gathering under Brighton Railway Station with yet more visuals, music and warehouse party spirit into the night

Naturally we won't be telling anyone who's playing on the night either

Email (sorry no facebook details available) if you want to join in

Thanks again, great night all round

Love, peace and coolness from all at GBB

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