Deleting Facebook - Back To The Old Skool

Not an easy decision but after relatively little thought required we're deleting our facebook profile on the 1st of January 2011 for good as far as a party promotion is concerned

We appreciate that it will be difficult to keep up the numbers we've come used to at our get togethers but we're giving it a go on the private mailing list tip so we can get back to the more personal approach by connecting with people directly as party hosts once again

Back in 2006 we stumbled on facebook which then became our primary means of letting people know about the music that tends to dominate this blog as well as the parties where you could find it being played locally, all be it on a very small scale

We even based our three years of The Go Bang Brighton Festival around facebook, marvelling at the fact that you could actually see the festival develop over the month each year through pictures and videos taken each week, that's how fresh facebook was back then

For around three years the formula of using facebook worked very well, so well in fact that a trend emerged in Brighton where like minded people started to come together and spread the word on line regarding eachothers blogs, music releases, productions and parties

To this day many of those connected to the scene in Brighton continue this tradition, all be it on a slightly less collective basis than before, though happily it does still continue

However, anyone that tells you for instance that Disco has hit the big time in Brighton isn't exactly telling you the whole story and this is where we now leave things on line and happily depart back to our underground roots from where Go Bang originated in 2006

Over the last 6 months it has become increasingly evident that it is now more difficult to introduce sufficent numbers in Brighton to support the ever growing number of promoters that the scene has generated, a victim of it's own success possibly that was slightly more dj lead than dancer driven all along

Due to this situation we feel it only right that Go Bang as a party retires back to it's underground roots by removing the need to clutter up this sadly over saturated state of affairs that is now in danger of manifesting itself on line going into 2011 and beyond

Hopefully we've got this completely wrong and an influx of regular disco heads will appear from out of the blue, already Celia May and crew at Jam on Tuesdays appear to be in the frame on this one but alas from what we've seen in the last 6 months on line at least, we may be asking for slightly too much this time

Luckily, up until now as a party announced on line we've done OK, alas not everyone has had such luck with some nights either cancelling after a handful of months due to a lack of ongoing support or worse still nights where few have even made it to the front door of the venue let alone set foot on the dance floor

The nights that seem to do well are those that tend to concentrate on local djs, happen infrequently, use a lot of djs on the night itself and where knowledge is made available through word of mouth

The days of people actually responding to party invites on line now seem a very distant memory on facebook and with more or less the same limited number of people being targetted with invites it's only fair to give everyone conerned some breathing space

We've been extremely lucky in that for the vast majority of the time whilst putting on nights we've enjoyed letting our guest djs play for around 2 hours each time, some even more, few less

In time we would of had to compromise quite possibly as the need to rely on a number of djs to fill the night seems to be on the horizon, this takes the role of the dj even closer to the role of the promoter

So sadly four years of on line activity is closing down for us, however it's a great feeling knowing we're taking a step back although this blog and the parties will still go on for as long as they serve a purpose

All our pictures, posts, links and musical highlights will sadly no longer be available, however the spirit lives on inside us and not on a computer screen through a social network site or dj mix on Soundcloud

We've even organized a party next year at a warehouse location in Brighton, however you'll have to keep your eyes and ears open to find out about it if you're up for it

See, old skool once again and it feels great !!!!

Best wishes and have a Merry Christmas this year

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