The Final Go Bang Brighton Festival

If you're coming down to or staying in Brighton this summer we would like you to know about the 3rd annual Go Bang Brighton Festival

In May this year we will be staging another series of events covering each weekend over the month in various club and non club settings with an array of djs, producers and club nights that go to make up our cities groove based dance scene.

Alas, for us at least, the work in bringing the music we love to the attention of those who may not of previously known of it’s existence in Brighton is almost complete at a local level now as far as the festival is concerned in it's current form as a continuous monthly event once a year.

The idea of putting on Go Bang Brighton as a annual festival started nearly three years ago when we discovered that there was a considerable amount of random activity on the fringes of our city’s music and party scene that was being specifically geared towards groove based dance music.

At the time it was practically impossible for any groove based nights to establish themselves in the city outside of the odd club night and monthly bar event.

As such, great music was criminally being over looked.

The scene was subsequently forced very much underground whilst at the same time being more or less passed over by many as changing musical attitudes and financially challenging times for venues began to take hold across across the city.

Born out of these somewhat annoying state of affairs was the need for the initial Go Bang Brighton festivals in 2008 and 2009 which joined together everyone involved within this fringe musical approach.

Today the story is very a different one.

The groove based community has grown considerably thanks to internet social networking that has in turn given people the chance to become aware of what's going on locally within the city as well as who is involved and what they are providing.

Established and well supported venues that are dedicated to the music others and ourselves love have gained momentum over the last 2-3 years and are now providing regular nights and reasons to go out and dance again to a varied yet firmly groove based sound track.

Additionally the (djs, record labels, promoters and producers) involved with driving this scene forward on a local level have benefited from sites such as sound cloud, where mixes, productions and edits are shared and supported by all as the message from our small seaside town now goes out across the worldwide internet to all four corners of the planet.

One of the most endearing features of the groove based community here in Brighton is that everyone connected supports each others work either as dj's, club nights, record labels or producers.

We don't know another scene where this collective approach is currently enjoyed to such an extent amongst so many individuals within such a compact environment.

When reflecting back on why the festival came about it‘s important to pay respect to those that gave us the idea and will to begin.

Undoubtedly and without question there is a interview in Maestro which charts the rise of the underground New York 70-80‘s disco scene in which DJ David Mancuso he of “Loft” fame clearly indicates why he threw his parties and the reasons behind them.

Go Bang Brighton as a festival definitely understands his approach and sentiment and by considering this we can afford to at least stay true to the spirit that started back when the only real reason to go to a party was the party itself, the music you would here and the people you would meet there.

See you in May, fingers crossed for another successful month down on the south coast, we will be waiting for you again.

Best wishes from us to you \o/

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  1. News I didn't want to hear, but reading on I see the point and the achievements made. Still I like the month of May in Brighton more because of Go Bang!