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Sunday Guest Mix Tape's On Soundwaves

Wigid or Andy to his friends from Soundwaves is offering his site up to anyone interested in sending him a mix tape.

The idea being a monthly session featuring tunes people like to play "On a lazy Sunday afternoon" as he nicely puts it.

This first installment is a bit of a Balearic belter... with Wigid himself providing some of his favorite Balearic tunes for everyone to enjoy.

The track listing alone says it all, good work Wigid, Sunday's just got a whole lot better.


1. How ever do you want me (Acappella) - Soul II Soul
2. Only love will break your heart (Weatherall mix) - St Etienne
3. First time ever (Mellow Groove) - Joanna Law
4. Why (12" version) - Carly Simon
5. The first cut is the deepest - Barbara Jones
6. Wax the van (Jon's Dub) - Lola
7. It's Sinful (Tribal mix) - Pete Wylie
8. Running - Information Society
9. Visitors - Koto
10. Flash 83 - The Duke of Burlington
11. Precious little Diamond - Fox the fox
12. Pink footpath (Instrumental) - Louis
13. The whole of the moon - The Waterboys

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