Over 100,000 Vistors To The Blog

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has visited Go Bang Brighton up until this point

We're now well past the 100,000 visitor mark according to those nice analytics blogger supplies us with which is quite healthy considering we're tucked away in a very small corner of cyber space

Back when I started this site as an extenuation to The Go Bang Brighton Festival the aim was to support and inform people on all forms of groove based dance music whilst additionally using a Brightonian perspective to add some personal flavor to the posts and updates

It's quite well known that at the time our end of the local music scene had taken a bit of a pasting with many of the club spaces in the city turning to a darker sound which then sadly alienated many music people looking for something more groove based to listen and dance to

It was almost like over night someone had decided that our musical tastes were to be made redundant and we were somehow expected to gradually disappear as if nothing had happened or anything we had been part of previously existed

However there were small pockets of resistance in places such as The Full Moon, The Globe, The Sidewinder, The Fishbowl and of course The Ocean Rooms where slowly but surely people regathered on a somewhat infrequent basis to listen to old disco/boogie and electro-funk records amongst a melodic new house sound which we know as nu disco 

Coming from that time and appreciating how difficult the situation was regarding venue availability and opportunity to hear music always spurns me on when I see how many people have found this blog when I take time out to have a quick look like I have today at the stats

Brighton has now reorganized itself and created a wonderful music scene full of excellent djs and parties that this blog hopefully represents in some small way alongside all the club nights, producers and record labels now doing excellent work further afield

Every weekend there's something available for people to enjoy, be it a full on club night or a bar session, the bases are all covered nicely now and our music is placed firmly back on the dance floor once again

It's been a fantastic few years here on the blog as well as in Brighton watching everything grow but for now it's pleasing just to take a short look back and think how lucky we actually are to have all this going on around us still

Best wishes