Launching LOFT55 After 10 Years Of Go Bang Brighton

On the Friday of the first Bank Holiday in May this year I will be launching LOFT55. This is coincidently 10 years to the day since I launched Go Bang Brighton as a festival in 2008 at Esca on Preston Street.

Needless to say Go Bang Brighton played a big part in my adult life and the future for LOFT55 carries this forwards using the musical and community aspects of the previous 10 years.

LOFT55 is a project that involves my interest in combining clothing and music but with a positive social message gained in part through my time with Go Bang Brighton and most recently 'This Will Never Work' Both of which I care to think of fondly as 'physical social gatherings' before anything musically related.

LOFT55 wasnt planned, it's evolved freely using an educated appreciation of the physical community that underpins the music that I love and share.

LOFT takes influence from David Mancuso and 55 from Vietnam. Both of which having left Me with a positive outlook on community as we move into an increasingly politically diversive age via social media.

It took a while but eventually after being out of the djing aspect of Go Bang Brighton I understood that my alignment / purpose revolves around provision for a community and not performance in front of one.

Ironically, if You search a few posts down from this one on my blog You'll find a post with the title 'Not Being A DJ' It would seem my foot was already out the door way before LOFT55 became a consideration.

On the evening of Friday 4th of May 2018 I shall launch LOFT55 at Bar Block on St James Street with a night of music reflective of what You will find on my blog.

You know the score by now and I would expect The Loft in LOFT55 will come through the speakers just as much as the contemporary disco and the like.

Another coincidence is that the journey of Go Bang Brighton started with Greg Wilson in 2006 at Bestival. Shortly after I approached Ben Gill who ran The Ocean Rooms to put Greg on. Over 10 years later Ben is hosting my launch of LOFT55 as owner of Block. I never seem to operate too far away from Ben when something outside the norm is starting it would seem.

So, onto the clothing aspect of LOFT55.

Im into my vintage clobber and workwear. Influences come from a variety of sources with Vintage USN and Workwear being my go to. Life after solely djing has been filled with research so Ive got lots to work with moving forwards.

I can gaurantee that achors will form a big part of LOFT55 as well as the music and social message around 'Physical Community'

On Friday 4th May I am offering my new range of LOFT55 Kit (Tote and Duffle Bags to begin with) with my own design. Proceeds are going towards my charity of choice (ALLSORTS) which helps young LGBT people with their mental health right here in Brighton.

Hope You can reach out to get down and be part of the next stage, this time with more clothes and positive impact beyond the dance floor.

This one is also for the people of Vietnam and my friend Louis and His Family who we met on our travels around The Halong Bay.

Take care

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