Images From 1970's and 1980s New York City

I've started collecting images from the golden era of New York City in respect of its music scenes and people that were part of that special period between the 70s and 80s

Not only are there the more common images from the block parties, vogue balls, discos, clubs and subways there's also some found images of people basically going about their daily business

Hopefully this gives a little more context from a street level perspective outside of the musical references which are well documented and commonly associated with this moment in time

I'm adding more images as I find them and hope to atleast build up an intresting and diverse collection so anyone such as myself can take a look on line

I must admit that my knowledge of the Punk scene around this time doesn't stretch that far so maybe a good excuse to do some online photo digging to see what I come up with

Here's the link to what I've been able to find so far

70s and 80s New York City

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