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It's been a marvelous summer this year, so marvelous in fact that there hasn't been that much time to update the blog with new or old music or anything from a Brighton perspective

From secret beach gatherings to checking out live music (Ibibio Sound Machine, Jungle) to djing at some very nice festivals to all dayers playing original disco 12s, some great street parties plus the odd warehouse party it's been a full on monster summer this year either dancing around with friends and family or having a go with the music thing

But as the nights draw in it's time to get back into sourcing some new and not so new music as  we head indoors once again

Recently a friend wanted to know what constitutes house music these days after being all at sea with the magnitude of sub genres that have cropped up over the years. This made me think somewhat

Ask most people and you'd get a myriad of responses, all perfectly valid in the "eye of the beholder" no doubt but varying greatly none the less

So how does one attempt to go about getting to grips with house music these days ? The answer is simple. There's always two kinds of music be it within dance, rock, hip hop or whatever .... good and not so so good

However just picking out what's good and what isn't is just half the story now within electronic based sonics for the floor. With so much on offer the real test is how a track fits in with other tracks, leading to the overall combined output within a dj set and on a dance floor across a period longer than say just 6 minutes (standard 12" duration)

So with this in mind I've picked a selection of tracks that are all good in their own right but somehow all complement the overall mix as a package rather than as a single piece or work

Naturally the selections are all based on personal preference but I would say without any question that each piece is made with soul and passion for music and definitely not as an exercise in going through the motions. Feel free to disagree, it's all subjective and always will be

There's also a throwback to the days of disco and a couple of tracks from a few years back just to check how today's modern sounds fit in with the older gear. From this mix I'd say all's good in certain quarters of the house music community and may that long continue


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