State Of Play In Brighton - The Groove Based Scene 2014

It will be 6 years in May this year since the idea of combining disco, Balearic, re-edits, boogie, cosmic and nu disco/house began to raise it's head beyond a few select people in the know within Brighton's nightlife scene

6 years is a long time in music where fads and fashions come and go as do people and places. You could say an inevitability considering these fast paced and economically testing times we are all experiencing in some shape or form 

Having opted out of NYE in Brighton this year it was interesting to hear comments about how the festive period was celebrated considering this is our busiest time of year for dancing around with people and having fun listening to music

Feedback suggests fair to middling to good.

With this in mind plus the change of hands at The Globe looming on the horizon, The Sidewinder dropping off the map and the move that deep house music took from secret party/bars to clubs over the last couple of years it's probably time to take stock of what's left on the GBS (Groove Based Scene) and look to see where the action is still happening and if the scene still exists

So with this in mind here's a small round up of what's going on plus what's coming out of the city at present after a quick look around the internet this afternoon

Merkaba - Will Marshall and Nick Tichener host Saturday and Sunday sessions feat authentic deep house and disco/edits
Neighbourhood - Monthly deep and classic underground house from Jonny Loves House on St James St
Ninja Bar - Mick Fuller resides with a soundtrack of funk, soul and house in The North Laines
Above Audio - Occasional deep house and disco/edit djs in the upstairs bar

Disco Deviant - Pablo Contraband can be found at The Loft and also Audio hosting international guest djs
10 Below - Various one off nights from time to time from local promoters on an adhoc basis
The Greendoor Store Warehouse - Both Rob Louis and Russ Dewsbury host regular nights from these two Brighton heavy weights. More disco and house influenced nights occur on a tri-monthly basis
Inspired - New club promotion from Darren Murphy coming to Audio in 2014 with international guest djs

REGULAR (invite) PARTIES (not accessible through social media)
Kinfolk - The Soft Rocks Team, Tim Rivers and Jamie are still operational but looking for a new home after ending at The Globe. A possible London club night is on for 2014
On The Beach - Darren Murphy's private party that pops up from time to time around the city in far away places that still attracts a loyal crowd not fussed with Brighton club nights anymore

Black Key Records - House label run by local expert regarding all things deep Rich Harmer
Delayed Audio - House label run by Paul Budd and Rich Harmer
Wolf Music - House label run by Matt Neal and Stu Clark feat Medlar, KRL, Greymatter and many more
Principal Records - Jeff Daniels and Rob Fahey's house label that was set up in 2013

Kalidasa - Tim Rivers production alias as favored by Andrew Weatherall and World Unknown
Will Sumsuch - Records for various international deep house labels and compilations
Maxxi Sound System - Sam Watts is now making moves on the international circuit with worldwide gigs after this re-edit of Criticize
Soft Rocks - Local legends and re-edit forerunners still releasing music from the left of center and traveling the world with their records

Steve KIW - Local crate digger still hosting shows in his spare time between gigs around Brighton, Norwich and London
Ian Lawton - Hosts his Trainspotters shows on Radio Reverb with Gwyn Nicholas that covers contemporary electronica and the occasional disco

DJS - Disco / Balearic / Edits / House
Daddy Marcus, Nick The Record, Neal Lewis, Neil Brown, Ben Monk, Sam Moffett, Kate Wildblood, Queen Josephine, Chris Barker, Fingerman, Ty and Mickey Dukes

So, as you can see a wide spread with new ventures for many into the record label and recording business. Sadly the bar scene has taken a bit of stick what with The Globe changing hands and The Fishbowl opting for a more commercial and less DJ lead direction at weekends.

Does the GBS still exist? of course it does and we're very lucky to have so much of it down on the south coast still

May we have happy hunting and dancing to quality music for another 6 years

Post dedicated to The Recess DJs (Jonny and Rich) and all the dancing people of Brighton we know

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