House Of Go Bang - Straight Off The Floors Top 19 Of The Year

Nearly at the end of the year once again so it's time to have a look back and go over those tunes that did that little bit extra damage on the dance floor over the last 12 months

As usual we have a very mixed up bag of styles to contend with covering all manner of groove based goodness that was either released at some point in the year or a previously forgotten about gem from the past that was unearthed after a poke about

To be honest, 2013 was at times a frustrating year in many ways as there were for some periods very few tracks managing to stand out

However this was a great excuse to go looking back in time for something previously missed or on occasion dip back into Soundcloud for some re-edits that may of been missed in the past with some tasty gear from DJ Marky, Midnite Traffic, Peace Division, Soul Mekanik, Bobby Konders and Scott Grooves / Funk Da Void being of note

When times were good though, 2013 threw up some magical moments on the release front which thankfully reached the floors and was reciprocated with enthusiasm from our perspective behind the controls looking outwards

So here goes, 19 from 2013 that all managed to be a bit of a hit from the world of house, latin, acid and disco in no particular order

There's possibly more to add ;)

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