Revisiting The Re-Edit in 2013

I caught myself back in the wonderful world of Soundcloud last night having a little cyber dig for something interesting and worthy of accompanying our visual shows over the coming months

I've had a good run on juno (my normal go to site) for a few weeks but sadly and as is so often the case these days I've drawn another blank which has meant going back and revisiting some old musical haunts for a little research

It's funny, just a few years ago re-edits were the thing, with nearly every man and his dog having a go on the musical chopping board. I even had a go but lack of perseverance dictated a rather short career in that particular corner of the music business plus my productions were somewhat basic to say the very least

Anyway, back on Soundcloud as I found myself, really felt like being the only person left on the shoreline once everyone had sailed off into the deep house sunset in search of the promised land (no pun intended)

However and here in lies the beauty, being back searching for something good and new to my ears felt infinitely more exciting than sifting through the "by numbers" releases now clogging up

So, what did I find ? Plenty of disco, edited of course but still worthy of storing away for a rainy day however the track I'm going to share is a little electro-funk number from Paul Hardcastle who got to grips with one of my favorite tracks of all time by D Train that's been re-edited by 4mpliFy

It's old, it doesn't sound like the intro all the way through and above all else it has presence all of it's own