90s Tonka Footage (Extended)

Many thanks to Mark Limb (The Electric Disco) who hooked this footage of Tonka up on Twitter recently that shows the legendary sound system crew out on Monday maneuvers at Brighton's Zap Club (now Digital)

I think this is a new bit of footage although I'm not entirely sure so excuse the post title if this is wrong

Unlike many video's that capture the era through primarily focusing on the dance floor action as the main source, this particular piece of documentation goes a little further by including soundbites from the people involved and the assembled party faithful leading up to, during and after the session

There's also a strong theme running through the 30 minutes of footage that really captures the experience of putting on a party from the sound system being packed up right up to the end of night conversations with all the dancers as proceedings lead towards the after party somewhere on Brighton Beach

The legacy of the "party crew" still runs strong in Brighton with plenty of outfits still supporting the DIY ethics that have been so much part of our nations party scene for many many years pre and post Tonka and friends

A point of note is that Tonka put their djs right in the middle of the dance floor which was a lovely touch that somewhere along the long road to where we are now is sadly no longer adopted in the majority of cases

Lets hope some forward thinking venues take a look at their set ups and make a few adjustments perhaps

I'll leave you with a short list of other Brighton based parties still doing the DIY thing that are worth checking out that include the following (apologies to anyone omitted)

Deep Systems - Deep House
On The Beach - House, Disco and Techno
Disco Deviant - House and Disco
Kinfolk - Disco, House, Techno and Leftfield

Happy hunting and as always "Keep The Faith" ..... THE STORY CONTINUES \o/