The Last Weekend Of Summer In Brighton

Just finished enjoying a wonderful last bit of UK summer time here in Brighton this weekend past

To be fair, we haven't had much of a summer so it was very much appreciated that last weekend (Saturday) turned out to be such a beautiful day, evening and night

I've included a selection of pictures taken on my travels around the city with my music whilst djing at various locations over Saturday afternoon into early Sunday morning

I hope the images capture how the day panned out as I started out near The Brighton Eye with an alfresco session and then proceeded on to a brilliant private invite party down on the beach front which took the day nicely through to the wee small hours of Sunday morning

The day was blessed with lots of sunshine and superb music from start to finish as both Affy and Myself  had the pleasure of joining up with Mickey Dukes from The Mile Wide Smile Club in the afternoon for the outdoor session and later on Darren Murphy for On The Beach which was one of the best invite parties in recent times we've experienced playing at

There was a time when invite parties were all the rage down here but sadly they've kind of almost vanished as people have moved on and clubs have become more popular once again. I also think that the council play their part in making things challenging more so these days, however on Saturday we all just about got away with it with no harm done to any man or beast

Great to see so many lovely old friends and make plenty of new ones which tends to be the outcome when a gathering of like minded people get together just outside the normal club scene

Hats off to both Mickey and Darren who are both excellent djs we had the pleasure of playing alongside throughout the day

Plenty of funk, disco, techno and quality house music from the lads. Expect to see these two at some of our parties in the warehouse over the next 6 months

See everyone once again very soon. Greendoor Store incoming on Saturday 22nd to end off a truly wonderful September 

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