Straight Off The Floors - August 2012 Chart

 Yep, it's that time again where we choose a handful of tracks that we predict / hope will do the business on the various Go Bang dance floors throughout this and future months

So without further delay here's this months chart all primed with some excellent music ready to be unleashed in August

Lots to choose on the player that we hope will do well, including musical runnings from  JESUS PABLO, OOFT, TORNADO WALLACE (yet again) 6TH BOROUGH PROJECT, DO IT PROPER, PECKOS and TRES GUERDOS

Floor wise we have a new club night starting  this month, our annual Brighton Pride weekend all lined up plus a couple of established nights that we host all ensuring that these tracks meet the right people on the dance floors south of the nations capital

Overall, we're now building a healthy collection of music that will feature in the SOTFs End Of Year Review via these monthly charts adding to the final dozen or so tracks that performed the best this year

Should be some very hard choices ahead of us but at least we can ensure that the tracks are chosen primarily by the dancers with just a little help from us as the DJs who hopefully join the dots between the floor and the music

Happy listening and most importantly dancing Folks !!!!