Greendoor Store Announcement

Happy Days

The first round of House Of Go BangWarehouse Party dates for 2013 are confirmed for the following dates next year under the station

Saturday 23 March 2013
Saturday 22 June 2013
Saturday 24 August 2013
Our thanks go out to the team at The GDS for sorting these out nice and early, however the biggest thanks have to go out to all You guys that come and make the party what it is. Without You we wouldn't do these parties in Brighton so it's a massive thumbs up from us to You all. We'll be continuing in the same vein with the emphasis still on providing a proper old warehouse party feel with the inclusion of some of our favorite "below radar" local djs delivering the music

Our focus on selecting and reviewing the most well received music we're able to find will also feature as part of our Straight Off The Floors side line where we get behind the tracks that work the best on the floor. There's been so many of them it's really hard to choose but we'll attmept to keep up to date with the music that You show most encouragement towards and then report back on the biggest tracks

Visually we're still very much keeping Matt as part of the HOGB set up which is just how we like things considering the impact his efforts have had since we began doing these parties. Once again many thanks for all the good times we've had so far, here's to a brilliant 2013 on the floor under the station
Bests from all at House Of Go Bang  (we wouldn't do it without you)