Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes (The SyntheTigers Jam Band Love Jam)

As always I get pushed and pulled in various musical directions as Pride Weekend approaches here in Brighton and with just over a week to the start of festivities the decisions I have to eventually make on what I'm going to play get harder and harder as time runs out

This year I'm joining in on two very different parties with Affy over the weekend. Saturday see's Calabash return to the Preston Park site and my second go at playing drum n bass in their tent

Pure liquid business with some ragga thrown in for good measure usually works with one of the friendliest crowds around

However Friday night is a more sedated yet none the less interesting disco orientated affair that see's us both joining up with Horse Meat's Severino and Luke for a Pride opener at Audio in their basement

So with Friday in mind I've been scoping out some appropriate music with the hope of finding that extra special bit of magic along the way

Thankfully this slice of disco gold dust has emerged to save the day just in time

About a month back a video popped up on line showing DJ Harvey dropping a mysterious and possibly edited version of Bobby Thurston's "You Got What It Takes" at a recent festival in Croatia

Nothing strange in all of this except nobody as yet to my knowledge has identified what the DJ in question was heard spinning with some even declaring that what's been heard is actually two tracks mixed "on the fly" .... could be so but who knows

What ever the origin of said track source or sources I hope you'll agree that the edit that I've found on producers favorite Soundcloud hits the spot nicely as we swing things back towards some good old fashioned dance floor disco in time for this years Brighton Pride Festival

The Synthe Tigers have kindly donated a DL of their version for anyone that's still up on this vibe to come and grab

Hopefully with attention now moving away from the whole disco re-edit scene this will spurn those people left into picking decent tracks to have a go at again whilst unearthing some new hidden gems from the past for the rest of us to either play or dance to

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  1. DJ Harvey hammers a version called "JV - EditChannel XXX"

    It's a vinyl only release done by Justin Vandervolgen, with copies going for £50++ on discogs.