KiNK - Yako (Duckbeats Dub)

I've managed to gather up a few tasty KiNK releases over the last 12 months which now always serve me well when looking to take things down the "acid house" route with something sounding new yet close enough to the original blue print to appeal 

Now, the thing is, there's an awful lot of "new" house music around at the moment as the push to re-invent and plant some new blood into the genre continues to move onwards and nicely upwards

However as with all things these days you have to pick through those infinite choices on offer to eventually find something worth really shouting about which hopefully I've managed with this new release that's been given a phat seeing to from UK House producer of note Chris Duckenfield under his Duckbeats guise

This is real deal heads down acid house gear for todays modern dance floor with some clever programming adding to the sense of drama and dare I say it fun that runs throughout the tracks duration

A worthy addition for any DJ set if you're looking for a slice of something old skool yet modern in it's production values, making this slice of new skool acid house a brilliant late night party starter for djs willing to take things off on a different direction

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