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House Of Go Bang Warehouse Party
The Greendoor Store
Saturday 23rd June

We've recently set up a new online website called Straight Off The Floors commenting on new releases and how well they are doing when played out

The aim is to "road test" new tracks straight on the dance floor so that there's some real time feedback available whilst giving props to the tracks that are working well and causing most activity

The whole approach is based around the old dj reaction sheet idea where new music is given to the dj and then comments are fed back to the person making the tracks on how well the music is being received by the dancers themselves

We're particularly interested in anyone producing unsigned music that would like to gauge how well their tracks are doing when played to a fuller dance floor with a decent sound system in place

To put this into perspective take a look at some of our usual haunts here so that you can see what we're talking about and the scale we're suggesting that is available

Our next big session is on the 23rd of June in Brighton where we'll be playing some of our new finds alongside new tracks we're sent for testing at the cities prominent late night warehouse party space called The Greendoor Store

If you feel confident on seeing how well a piece of music you've worked on translates then please feel free to get in touch via here

Each piece of music we receive will get played if it fits the bill so please take a look around the blog so that you only send material that's appropriate and keeping with the whole musical direction you see on this site

We're only expecting mastered formats so please ensure that you're happy with the sound quality and production before sending across

The most well received tracks will be reviewed on straightoffthefloors.com with a full appraisal from the perspective of the dance floor and the observations made by ourselves throughout the party

Recent tried and tested tracks have covered releases and remixes from the likes of Omar/Henrik Schwarz, Bassfort/Jimpster, Freestyle Man/Sasse, Frank Booker, Steve Mills and Tin Man which have all been big tracks

We hope we can help out and give anyone with either a new piece of unsigned music or alternatively anyone wishing to see how well their pride and joy works a real sense of the feedback straight off an energetic and decent sized dance floor

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Go Bang

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