Being British - The Jubilee and Hardcore Raving

For me being British can be a bit of a double edged sword

On one side we have the somewhat dubious honor of always getting a right old seeing to from our European neighbours when it comes to Eurovision and on the other there's no doubt that when it comes to "proper music" we are fairly highly regarded as leading the way globally

So with The Diamond Jubilee rapidly approaching I thought it would be an ideal time to offer up something that for me at least reminds me of the better side of being British where music is concerned

The Youtube audio clip I've chosen is quite a well known slice of memorabilia amongst the UK Hardcore fraternity and one that signifies for me a time when I got slightly bored of listening to moody Hip Hop and went off looking for something entirely different

The set is taken from a New Years Eve Party held by Fantazia in Exeter in 1991-92

Top Buzz are at the helm on this one with arguably one of the best examples of the genre captured live  as the revellers gathered at West Point Exhibition Center take the party into 1992 with Patrick, Mikey  and Jason on stage

Here's part 2 of the session which lasts another glorious 45 minutes

Hardcore at the time was massive here in the UK with much of the music itself distributed via tapes that were recorded at events which were later sold via the network of UK record shops up and down Great Britain

Although my dalliance with the genre only lasted around 24 months some of my fondest memories are from this era between 92-94

It befits going into a very British celebration as is The Queen's Golden Jubilee that one of the finest moments (imo) captured gets a special post on the blog today

Normal posting will commence shortly but for now here's what being British means to me

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