Mula Cocaine Talking Promo Video

Came across this promo video from Brighton's Mula that was shot in a squatted pub at the back of Brighton nearly 10 years ago now

I've wanted to post this for a while now as I still see the band's lead singer Senor Mick out and about in Brighton djing or strutting his stuff at the nights that happen across the city

Mick is still keeping his hand in musically around the city with his new ventures into Rock n Roll territory through his residencies at The Mucky Duck and also for The Ton Club which recently kicked off at The Brighton Ball Rooms

Mick was one of the earlier exponents of the recent disco revival in Brighton where he orchestrated some great bank holiday parties at The Funky Buddha with the likes of Johnny Rocks, Neal Lewis, Tula, Sam Watts and ourselves all joining in for some head to head action

If memory serves me right, the video for "Cocaine Talking" was shot on a summers afternoon with a healthy selection of Brighton's club community getting in on the action

As said the venue to play host to the video was a squatted pub which used to play host to some amazing "deep house" all-nighters after the clubs shut at 3am as opposed to now where they stay open for longer

Great parties with the likes of Ross "Warm" and Matt Pond "Deep Systems" at the helm for these illicit after hours gatherings

A great piece of memorabilia taken shortly before we all got on our social networking and Myspace buzz as the musical world became a smaller place

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