Dale Howard - Merrt (Ian Pooley Remix)


Loving this recent remix from Ian Pooley at the moment

A very faithful house music sound throughout which will be pleasing to both new and older heads alike

There's been a considerable upturn in house music's exposure recently amongst newer fans whilst the more seasoned campaigners have continued to support the genre throughout the groove based scene's existence in recent years via the numerous club nights, festivals, forums and retail outlets across the UK that have pushed the sound through the changing landscape of dance music culture

Not sure if we're going to see loads of 20 year olds raving side by side with the plus 40 crew just yet but you never know where this could lead to especially with the likes of Radio One now playing the newer interpretations of the genre on prime time daily shows

Hope You enjoy the track and keep an eye on your local dance floor for more of the same this year

The future's bright and the future is house music !

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