BOYF_ Reworks Compilation

BOYF- Reworks Compilation 


Earth People
Crazy P
Claudio Coccoluto
Galaxy 2 Galaxy

Finally managed to get a few of the "road tested reworks" up which cover a broad(ish) selection of dance music be it New York / UK House, Nu Disco and Acid House

As the whole edit scene appears to be slowing down it seems like a good time to share what I've been playing out over the last few years with the original idea of keeping these more or less exclusively for dj sets still in place

It has to be said that is was  refreshing (for me at least) to stay clear of  the myriad of disco tracks that could of been used as source material like so many edits in recent times

Naturally, the Crazy P track "Stop Space Return" which has added vocals and a longer intro is the one that's been most well received over the last couple of years since it was put together for the outdoor Sunday sessions at LIFE on Brighton Seafront a while back

I think I've managed to cover most styles that I'm into with the 6 current reworks including recent investigations into Acid and 80's New York Vogue Culture

As usual it's a back to front approach as the reworks have been done for specific situations and dance floors and not for bagging any gigs, a good job really as there isn't a lot of trickery involved just an appreciation of what elements on the tracks I felt could be enhanced slightly

None of the reworks are now available via the host site although some newer ones will be coming up soon however not in any great volume for downloading, if at all

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